PEG-Gold Nanoparticals in Cancer Therapeutics (new review)

Review: Gold nanoparticle surface functionalization: mixed monolayer versus hetero bifunctional PEG linker

Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) have the potential for early detection, accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment of cancer, which have been exploited for various treatment modalities including photothermal ablation therapy, radio sensitization, imaging and drug delivery. To create a clinically relevant AuNP treatment, the surface must be functionalized with multiple ligands such as drugs, antifouling agents and targeting moieties. PEG or the lower molecular weight oligo ethylene glycol (OEG) are the most widely adopted antifouling agents. This review compares the two most widely employed methods of surface co-functionalization, namely mixed monolayers and hetero-bifunctional linkers. (Read full review …)

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