PEG Products

Advanced BioChemicals (ABC) provide high quality PEG products with high reactivity and high purity. Advanced BioChemicals (ABC) PEG products include structurally and functionally diversified derivatives of linear or multi-arms polyethylene glycol reagents with a broad range of molecular weight options from -50 (oligomers) to 40 kDa. The linear mono-functional PEG products are good surface modification reagents that can block the unwanted side reaction efficiently and increase the coupling efficiency. Linear homo-bifunctional and hetero-bifunctional PEG products are extensively used crosslinkers or spacers between two chemical entities such as nucleotides, peptides, proteins and nanoparticles. Multi-arm PEG products are mostly used to build the hydrogel networks.

Our polydispersed PEG products have very low polydispersity and PDI (polydispersity index = Mw/Mn) values. We also provide PEG products custom synthesis service for those PEG products with special functional groups and molecular weight that may not be listed. Please contact us at or by phone at +1-678-827-9993 for any questions. If you need to ask a technical question, please contact us at