MAL Magnetic Beads


Maleimide (MAL) Magnetic Beads are nano-superparamagnetic beads coated with maleimide functional groups, which react with thiol group on nucleic acid, protein, antibodies or other molecules to form stable linkages. After coupling, the beads can be separated from the solution using magnet for downstream experiments, such as enzymatic reactions or immunoprecipitation of large molecules.

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MBFB-05000 10mg/1ml $95.00
MBFB-05001 20mg/1ml $128.00
MBFB-05002 100mg/5ml $389.00
Product Specifications
Concentration: 10mg/ml and 20mg/ml
Diameter: 500nm
pH stability: 4-12
30min sedimentation rate: <0.1%
Magnetic response rate: >30emu/g
Solvent: N,N-dimethylacetamide (DMAC)
Binding capacity: 10-100µg proteins per mg maleimide magnetic beads
Maleimide Magnetic Beads is stored at 2-8°C, 2 years.
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10mg/1ml, 20mg/1ml, 100mg/5ml

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