Full Name: α,ω-Diamino poly(ethylene glycol) (MW: 2kDa, 3.5kDa, 5kDa, 10kDa, 20kDa, 40kDa)


SKU MW Pack Size PriceQuantity
HOP0201-1g 2K 1g $180.00
HOP0201-5g 2K 5g $700.00
HOP0201-10g 2K 10g $1,050.00
HOP0202-1g 3.5K 1g $180.00
HOP0202-5g 3.5K 5g $700.00
HOP0202-10g 3.5K 10g $1,050.00
HOP0203-1g 5K 1g $180.00
HOP0203-5g 5K 5g $700.00
HOP0203-10g 5K 10g $1,050.00
HOP0204-1g 10K 1g $180.00
HOP0204-5g 10K 5g $700.00
HOP0204-10g 10K 10g $1,050.00
HOP0205-1g 20K 1g $180.00
HOP0205-5g 20K 5g $700.00
HOP0205-10g 20K 10g $1,050.00
HOP0206-1g 40K1g $210.00
HOP0206-5g 40K 5g $850.00
HOP0206-10g 40K 10g $1,150.00

α,ω-Diamino poly(ethylene glycol) (NH2-PEG-NH2) from Advanced BioChemicals (ABC) are high quality PEG crosslinking reagents with two reactive amino groups at both end sites, which can quickly react with activated carboxyl group such as NHS ester to form stable amide bond. The HCl salt form provides stability for the solid form of Amine PEG Amine.

Advanced BioChemicals (ABC) offer NH2-PEG-NH2 with MW 2kDa, 3.5 kDa, 5kDa, 10kDa,  20kDa and  40kDa, in 1g, 5g and 10g packing sizes. Different MW of NH2-PEG-NH2 products may be available by custom synthesis, please contact us at sales@advancedbiochemicals.com for a free quote.


2K, 3.5K, 5K, 10K, 20K, 40K

Pack Size

1g, 5g, 10g