Advanced BioChemicals (ABC) is dedicated to deliver high quality and cost saving biochemical reagents to our global customers. We provide a wide range of catalog products, in small to large quantities, including PEG products with low polydispersity and low diol content, various Magnetic Beads, Porphyrin products with different modification and more than 500 Organic Intermediates, and a large section of Antibodies & ELISA Kits. All our products have been strictly tested to confirm their stability and to reduce the difference among lots and within a lot.

In addition to the catalog products, we also provide custom synthesis and custom manufacturing services, such as PEGylation, polymer modification, particle surface functionalization, custom synthesis of reactive oligo- and polyethylene glycols with a broad range of molecular weights, different modified porphyrins based on the customer requirement, functionalized custom magnetic beads, and custom specific antibodies and ELISA kits.

Advanced BioChemicals not only advances the business of biochemical reagents, we advance your future!