Advanced BioChemicals provides more than 20,000 high quality and reproducible Polyclonal Antibodies, Monoclonal Antibodies, Phospho Antibodies, Acetyl Antibodies, Tag Antibodies, Secondary Antibodies and Isotype Antibodies. Advanced BioChemicals’ antibodies are widely applied in ELISA, WB, IHC, IF, ICC, IP, ChIP and Flow Cytometry. Advanced BioChemicals also provides custom antibody service in mouse, rat, rabbit and other species, including antigen design, peptide synthesis, animal immunization, purification, ELISA test, and lyophilization, etc.

Product Catalog # Price
ABL1/ABL2  (phospho-Tyr393/439) Polyclonal Antibody ABCESAP12216 $222.00$582.00
ACACA (Phospho-Ser80) Polyclonal Antibody ABCESAP12232 $222.00$582.00
Acetyl Lysine Polyclonal Antibody ABCENM0306 $222.00$582.00
Acetyl-AP-1 (K271) Polyclonal Antibody ABCENK062 $222.00$582.00
Acetyl-ATF-5 (K29) Polyclonal Antibody ABCENK024 $222.00$582.00
Acetyl-BMAL1 (K538) Polyclonal Antibody ABCENK041 $222.00$582.00
Acetyl-CBP (K1535) Polyclonal Antibody ABCENK019 $222.00$582.00
Acetyl-Cortactin (K235) Polyclonal Antibody ABCENK057 $222.00$582.00
Acetyl-CRM1 (K568) Polyclonal Antibody ABCENK058 $222.00$582.00
Acetyl-Cytokeratin 8 (K483) Polyclonal Antibody ABCENK031 $222.00$582.00
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Product Catalog # Price
14-3-3 Antibody ABCEPM12547 $215.00$565.00
14-3-3 sigma Antibody ABCEPM12697 $215.00$565.00
4EBP1 Antibody ABCEPM12120 $215.00$565.00
A1BG Antibody ABCEPM12121 $215.00$565.00
ABCB5 Monoclonal Antibody ABCENM0074 $215.00$565.00
ABCD1 Antibody ABCEPM12122 $215.00$565.00
ACE Antibody ABCEPM12718 $215.00$565.00
acetylated Tubulin (Lys40) Antibody ABCEPM12123 $215.00$565.00
ACPP Antibody ABCEPM12124 $215.00$565.00
ACVR1 Antibody ABCEPM12719 $215.00$565.00
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Product Catalog # Price
11β-HSD1 Polyclonal Antibody ABCENT0001 $185.00$485.00
11β-HSD1 Polyclonal Antibody ABCENT5560 $185.00$485.00
14 3 3GAMMA Antibody ABCEPP10001 $185.00$485.00
14-3-3 Antibody ABCEPP10002 $185.00$485.00
14-3-3 β Polyclonal Antibody ABCENT0002 $185.00$485.00
14-3-3 ε Polyclonal Antibody ABCENT0005 $185.00$485.00
14-3-3 ζ Polyclonal Antibody ABCENT0006 $185.00$485.00
14-3-3 ζ Polyclonal Antibody ABCENT0007 $185.00$485.00
14-3-3 θ Polyclonal Antibody ABCENT0010 $185.00$485.00
14-3-3 θ/τ Polyclonal Antibody ABCENT0011 $185.00$485.00
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Secondary Antibody
Product Catalog # Price
Avidin-peroxidase(Avidin-HRP) ABCSAEP050 $32.00$165.00
Donkey Anti-Goat IgG-HRP ABCSAEP058 $50.00$360.00
Donkey Anti-Mouse IgG-HPR ABCSAEP065 $50.00$360.00
Goat Anti-Human IgG-Biotin ABCSAEP037 $32.00$165.00
Goat Anti-Human IgG-FITC ABCSAEP025 $32.00$165.00
Goat Anti-Human IgG-HRP ABCSAEP046 $32.00$165.00
Goat Anti-Human IgM-HRP ABCSAEP009 $32.00$165.00
Goat Anti-Mouse IgG ABCSAEP041 $50.00
Goat Anti-Mouse IgG-AP ABCSAEP051 $50.00$360.00
Goat Anti-Mouse IgG-Biotin ABCSAEP030 $32.00$165.00
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Special Antibody
Product Catalog # Price
Aequorea victoria GFP Antibody ABCESPA1324 $322.00$847.00
C.perfringens C. PERFRINGENS NA Antibody ABCESPA1271 $322.00$847.00
C.perfringens NA Antibody ABCESPA1272 $322.00$847.00
Canine c-MET Antibody ABCESPA1389 $322.00$847.00
Canine CA9 Antibody ABCESPA1394 $322.00$847.00
Canine CTLA4 Antibody ABCESPA1402 $322.00$847.00
Canine CXCL13 Antibody ABCESPA1396 $322.00$847.00
Canine FGF1 Antibody ABCESPA1395 $322.00$847.00
Canine IL17RD Antibody ABCESPA1400 $322.00$847.00
Canine IL1B Antibody ABCESPA1393 $322.00$847.00
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Tag control
Product Catalog # Price
6×His Polyclonal Antibody ABCESAP10104 $175.00$448.00
Avi-Tag Monoclonal Antibody ABCENM0153 $175.00$448.00
beta Actin Polyclonal Antibody ABCEGM0345 $175.00$448.00
c-Myc Tag Polyclonal Antibody ABCESAP10107 $175.00$448.00
CBP Tag Monoclonal Antibody ABCENM0126 $175.00$448.00
CFP Polyclonal Antibody ABCEAP1374 $175.00$448.00
E2-Tag Monoclonal Antibody ABCENM0013 $175.00$448.00
ECFP-Tag Polyclonal Antibody ABCENM0218 $175.00$448.00
EYFP-Tag Polyclonal Antibody ABCENM0213 $175.00$448.00
FLAG tag Polyclonal Antibody ABCESAP10106 $175.00$448.00
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