Custom Synthesis & Service

Advanced BioChemicals offers high-quality custom synthesis and contract manufacturing services necessary to accelerate your research and development programs. We provide the synthesis of targeted compounds, starting materials, organic intermediates, specialized reagents and other compounds for your needs. Compounds are made to order in scales ranging from milligrams to multi-gram.

Custom synthesis of functional PEG products

We provide custom design and synthesize those PEG products with special functional groups and molecular weight that may not be listed in our websites.

Custom synthesis of functional monodispersed PEG products

We provide custom synthesis of monodispersed polyethylene glycol derivatives, as well as polydispersed PEG reagents with a variety of MWs.

Custom ELISA Kits Services

We also provides custom ELISA Kits manufacture, and ELISA Kits can be designed and produced to the user’s specifications.

Custom Antibody Services

We also provides custom antibody service in mouse, rat, rabbit and other species, including antigen design, peptide synthesis, animal immunization, purification, ELISA test, and lyophilization, etc.

Custom synthesis of organic intermediates

We specialize in synthesis of almost any organic compound.  Advanced BioChemicals’ chemists are skilled at performing complex, multi-step syntheses and solving difficult chemistry-related problems.

Price and Delivery Time

Price and delivery time will depend on the specific chemical structure and bibliographic study of known processes. Advanced BioChemicals honors its quoted price even if a project requires more work than anticipated. We will charge the client only for successful syntheses.

How to get started

Please contact us with your custom synthesis requirements and we will get a quote back to you as soon as possible (usually within the 24 – 48 hours). As well as the price, the quote will include our estimated time of synthesis. All inquiries and subsequent projects are of course undertaken in the strictest confidence and will be backed up by secrecy agreements if required.