Chlorin E6

Catalog #: POR0001

CAS #: 19660-77-6

Full Name: (17S,18S)-18-(2-carboxyethyl)-20-(carboxymethyl)-12-ethenyl-7-ethyl-3,8,13,17-tetramethyl-17,18,22,23-tetrahydroporphyrin-2-carboxylic acid


Name: Chlorin E6

CAS#:  19660-77-6

Chemical Formula: C34H36N4O6

Molecular Weight: 596.67

Elemental Analysis: C, 68.44; H, 6.08; N, 9.39; O, 16.09

Chlorin E6 (Ce6) is a natural molecule with a large heterocyclic aromatic ring consisting of three pyrroles and one pyrroline coupled through four –CH= linkages and usually prepared from Live chlorella and other green plants. Chlorin E6 has been developed and used as a second-generation photosensitizer in laser assisted cancer remediation as it exhibits advantageous photophysical properties for photodynamic therapy (PDT) such as having long lifetimes in their photoexcited triplet states and high molar absorption in the red region of the visible spectrum. Moreover, a 664-nm laser light can penetrate tissue deeper than the 630-nm laser light used for first generation photosensitizer Photofrin. Chlorin E6 is also an important starting material for the preparation of PDT drugs such as Talaporfin sodium.

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