Cobalt (III) Protoporphyrin IX chloride

Catalog #: POR0005

CAS #: 102601-60-5

Full Name: Cobalt (III) Protoporphyrin IX chloride


Name:  Cobalt (III) Protoporphyrin IX chloride

CAS#: 102601-60-5

Chemical Formula: C34H32ClCoN4O4

Molecular Weight: 655.0372

Elemental Analysis: C, 62.34; H, 4.92; Cl, 5.41; Co, 9.00; N, 8.55; O, 9.77

Cobalt (III) Protoporphyrin IX chloride is synthesized by the reaction of protoporphyrin with cobalt (III) chloride and the cobalt is located at the center of the molecule. Cobalt (III) Protoporphyrin IX is a dark purple solid and soluble in basic aqueous solution at pH 8.5-9.0. Cobalt protoporphyrin IX was served as a substrate for heme oxygenase and now identified as the inducible isoform heme oxygenase.

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